Heart Breaks and Me.

Okay. So I am here. Again.

With a heavy Heart and a lot to share.

I am not boasting or anything but it’s true. Those two words are not Figurative. They are true-Heart Break.

Your Heart does break. To pieces. To pieces that you can’t join back again in record time. Because it takes time to heal.

So my Heart literally broke when my Best Friend didn’t ask me even once whether I’d like to join her on a School trip they are having now.

My heart broke when I realised that the Person whom I thought genuinely liked me didn’t, He basically flirts with everyone. And by flirting I mean-He already has a Girlfriend and still chooses to flirt with Girls. Heavy Flirting.

The Best Friend is a Lost Cause but this Person.. I thought that he thought of me as a special girl in his life. But no. This drastically changed when one of my friends sent me a Screenshot of him flirting with her.

My first thought was-“I thought I was the Only One.”

But No.’sigh’

It’s Okay though. Life doesn’t end here.

But it’s just that you feel a lot of Despair when you have expectations and hope and it turns our to be nothing.

This Person is capable of swooping you off your feet and charm you. And when you start falling for him,you see that he has already moved on to another.

Love and like is a Conquest for him.
He is Charming. He is Pleasure.
He is Illusive.He reeks of Sin.

These lines are fabricated by me for that person who just broke my heart.


Those Friends who ruin your Day.

I am just going to pen out my Frustration Of the Day.

I am sure I can relate to all people who read this.

We all have been pushed into the Tunnel of Despair when we are Ditched. Cheated on or ignored by our Friends.

Such Simple yet Drastic Scenarios.

You message a Friend. They ignore you. You try to come up with a good enough excuse. You can’t. You ruin your day by being cranky and pressing that Little Head and thinking about how Jolly Good their Behaviour was just the day before and melt into the memories you share with the person who is ignoring you,per se.

Well. You know what?

The People who ignore you without a Reason are Jerks. Always.

Watch out for these jerks and just back off!

This is only a Simple Scenario.

People get cheated on by their friends too. Big Time.

I just have dealt with an Ignorant Best Friend and until evening,I was Pissed off. Like the Lioness-Who-Didn’t-Get-Her-Meal Pissed off.

But then I looked around. And turned into this Materialistic Person I am not in other situations.

And used Music and Novel as a medium to just sidetrack my Mind off my Shitty Best Friend.

And here I am! Exuberant as ever.

So what I learnt is-Be Happy. Try to be Happy. Enjoy Life. You don’t get to love twice. Move on. Forget. Especially forget those who ignore you without a Reason for it.

Keep Smiling,you all.

Remember,comments are love.:)


Let’s Introduce ourselves,shall we?

Okay so Hi.

Maybe no one will ever read this except me reading it over and over.

But I Don’t Care.

Don’t think it’s a sudden and intense want to write a Blog by a Sixteen Year Old.

The Want has been there since the first time my English teacher told me that I COULD write. Like really write.

And guess the Cherry on the Cake? I want to grow up a Writer and WordPress.com is the right platform for me to share my Thoughts and Opinions with the world.

And also to vomit out my Frustration to all those Saintly People who read my Blog about the Obnoxious,Over-Superior and Over-Confident Generation I am a part of.Yes,I am a little against the Children..no,sixteen year old intellectuals astound me. So you can guess where this is going. A Particular High School Drama,minus Boys. Hey! I am in an All Girls’ School.

So I am in School.StuDYING.

But presently at this moment,I am having one of those Sit-Back-And-Relax-Because-Exams-Just-Got-Over
Mode on.

Thank God My Exams are over. And well,that is why I am here.

I am boring you all,aren’t I?

No? Okay. I’ll Continue.

So with sleep evident in my eyes and weariness at its peak,I am writing this Blog.

Will you guys then categorise me as the Timid,Tipsy and Vivd Amateur Blogger?

Let me know. I am waiting to interact with all those ‘saintly people’ around the world who happen to stumble upon my Crazy Blog.


Parents…or Slaves?

Parents are a God Gift.

They are our Everything.From our Best Friends to our Mentors.

But some times we slip.Sometimes we seem to think that they are just like a Speck of Dust to us-Unnecessary,unwanted.That is the Time when we need to get back up and thank them for what they’ve done for us.They’ve given us a Life.A Heart,Privileges.Luxuries.

And yet we chose to Insult them? Back off when they need us?

That’s being Breathtakingly and shame Barefacedly Ungrateful.

My Parents are my Gods.They are everything to me.If sometimes,I fall off the way,they are the ones who are going to hold my Hand and pull me Back.Situate me on the Right track.

Did that just Rhyme.? Oh My God.

Just this other Night,my parents and i were all up for an Ice Cream and that is when our sweet desire came to an End as our expectations were flushed in the Gutter by my very own Brother.

My Father is a Businessman and he was Tired,Obviously,a person who works with an Emotion of seeing our Happy faces and us being well cared for and satisfied,has to work Day and Night.
Sp he was Exhausted with his eyes red.So we oped the Option of him doing the Drive.We turned to my Brother who’s been dawdling the whole time like a Job Less Person in the House all day and ask him for a favour of driving us to the Ice Cream Parlour.His Answer?

“Why can’t you three go? I’m not Interested.”

Coming form some one who has been lulling himself on the Couch whole day?


Our little Excursion cancelled and we mourned over it.And that’s when I realised that he was Pompous.Pompous about him being the only Hope we could turn to.Since I’m 15,I couldn’t stalk to the Car and drive my Parents.

The only Hope we had.And he just denied us like we weren’t anything to him.

It was Heart-Wrenching.And i mulled over the fact that my [parents had done so much for him.From his own Room to a Sleek Smart Phone,trendy in his hand.From a Car specially for him to go to College to a High Qualified Education.

And this is what my Parents get? Huh.I hated the fact that I was helpless in this Scenario.

I conclude that today’s generation is a little over the top.Not wanting to digest how they owe their whole lives to their parents or any one else for that Matter.

I reckon that today’s Youth is only Self Centered and Self Obsessed.And that is Shameful.
We gotta change that.Or we won’t be able to rely on them to shape the Future of the World.

Correct me if I am Wrong.Because I very well may be.

I am 15 and may be Exceptionally Naive with my Thoughts but as they say.I just want to let it all out.
I want people to hear my Thoughts.

So comment and share what you think about my Crappy Biog.

P.S I hope I am not being Spammed.I hope I am getting Page view from real,walking and Alive People.

Do Comment..I’m Waiting for them.