Those Friends who ruin your Day.

I am just going to pen out my Frustration Of the Day.

I am sure I can relate to all people who read this.

We all have been pushed into the Tunnel of Despair when we are Ditched. Cheated on or ignored by our Friends.

Such Simple yet Drastic Scenarios.

You message a Friend. They ignore you. You try to come up with a good enough excuse. You can’t. You ruin your day by being cranky and pressing that Little Head and thinking about how Jolly Good their Behaviour was just the day before and melt into the memories you share with the person who is ignoring you,per se.

Well. You know what?

The People who ignore you without a Reason are Jerks. Always.

Watch out for these jerks and just back off!

This is only a Simple Scenario.

People get cheated on by their friends too. Big Time.

I just have dealt with an Ignorant Best Friend and until evening,I was Pissed off. Like the Lioness-Who-Didn’t-Get-Her-Meal Pissed off.

But then I looked around. And turned into this Materialistic Person I am not in other situations.

And used Music and Novel as a medium to just sidetrack my Mind off my Shitty Best Friend.

And here I am! Exuberant as ever.

So what I learnt is-Be Happy. Try to be Happy. Enjoy Life. You don’t get to love twice. Move on. Forget. Especially forget those who ignore you without a Reason for it.

Keep Smiling,you all.

Remember,comments are love.:)


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