Heart Breaks and Me.

Okay. So I am here. Again.

With a heavy Heart and a lot to share.

I am not boasting or anything but it’s true. Those two words are not Figurative. They are true-Heart Break.

Your Heart does break. To pieces. To pieces that you can’t join back again in record time. Because it takes time to heal.

So my Heart literally broke when my Best Friend didn’t ask me even once whether I’d like to join her on a School trip they are having now.

My heart broke when I realised that the Person whom I thought genuinely liked me didn’t, He basically flirts with everyone. And by flirting I mean-He already has a Girlfriend and still chooses to flirt with Girls. Heavy Flirting.

The Best Friend is a Lost Cause but this Person.. I thought that he thought of me as a special girl in his life. But no. This drastically changed when one of my friends sent me a Screenshot of him flirting with her.

My first thought was-“I thought I was the Only One.”

But No.’sigh’

It’s Okay though. Life doesn’t end here.

But it’s just that you feel a lot of Despair when you have expectations and hope and it turns our to be nothing.

This Person is capable of swooping you off your feet and charm you. And when you start falling for him,you see that he has already moved on to another.

Love and like is a Conquest for him.
He is Charming. He is Pleasure.
He is Illusive.He reeks of Sin.

These lines are fabricated by me for that person who just broke my heart.


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