Her Life. Her Words. Contemporary.

There was once a girl. Always doubting herself and questioning her existence.

She was to go to a Birth Day Party. And the host was not that much of a good friend but yet generous. Inviting her with ardent desire.

The girl wanted to go. But the nervousness that was dangerously filled into her system was overpowering. She did not want to get into the party alone.She wanted a Companion to wear away the Awkwardness.

She tried in vain to find some one. Much to her bad luck,most of the people going were exceptionally good friends of the Birth Day Girl and were going earlier than necessary for her.

She sucked out her nervousness and went. Dressed up-Brazen and Shaky. Staggering on her heel-clad feet.She almost tripped. Yet she made it.

Other misfortunes came her way that will not be mentioned here but the moral is to never give up. To calm that heart of yours and not let it out of your throat. To feel that all is will and all will be well.

She did attend the party but to no avail.the party people were so preoccupied with clicking Selfies and showing off their youthful 15 year old bodies to impress a handful of boys attending the party, she was brutally ignored.

The End.Not a HEA.