Meg Cabot? Thumbs down.

Hello everyone.

We all are patiently taught that we shouldn’t judge a book by it’s cover.Okay.

But is it acceptable if I judge an author AFTER reading the book?

To evoke diversity,I had been reading Meg Cabot’s “Princess Diaries (After Eight)” . It’s a sort of children’s book but still I chose to read it.


The Book is absolutely filth. Not only because the storyline is disgusting but also the main character,the princess,Mia Thermopolis,is a judgemental,demented,immature girl wanting everything to bend to her will.

Also the fact,that if this book with it’s shiny and glossy,innocent cover,were given to a 14 Year old girl,her mind would be plagued with thoughts of premarital love making and ‘things’ that she shouldn’t know about at this age.

It’s a blasphemy as to how the writer even SUGGESTS the idea of making love at the tender age of sixteen.

Such concepts shouldn’t be introduced to an individual until their brain is properly developed and not until the time is right.

It’s going to be literally a blasphemy if little girls read it. Seriously.

If you read this book,you will want to grind your teeth very very often in anger and disdain,because it’s vexing because the main character,Mia is dumb. She doesn’t listen to anyone and in the end of the book,sits in the pool of her mistakes.

She kisses other peoples’ boyfriends and makes fusses about things she shouldn’t be.

I have always loved books. But this? This is a disaster.

Meg Cabot? You do not deserve to be a writer. You write things that make no sense.

Of course,people out there may have very very different and defensive opinions but I stick to what I say.