Don’t Judge a Movie By It’s Trailer.

Hello everyone out there!

Hope you are all well and doing fantastically good things in your lives.

So the last day of the weekend comes with the looming tension of Monday,some pending homework,eating out and oh some more pending homework.

Damn you weekends! You turn me into this slow-motioned,languid and lazy person I am not.

Anyway,everyone has their own way to enjoy the weekends. So do I.

I watched movies all weekend and I realised I was being excruciatingly judgemental when it comes to movies like The Hunger Games. I was also painstakingly ignoring romantic movies like A Walk To Remember!

Two of the best movies to watch. Lolling on the couch. Eyes fixed on the TV. Tissues in hand (Yes,you do not want to know how I soaked myself in salty water while watching A Walk To Remember).

But these movies are something. They both are spectacular with new concepts. I think I’ll read the respective novels soon enough. And I promise to not judge any movie by it’s trailer.

Until then? Take care.:)