My hand at Photography.

Hello everyone!

So after doing my regular bit of studying in the evening and strolling out ,my breath was stuck in my throat because the weather,the breeze and the atmosphere was perfect for a picture.

So I grabbed my iPhone 5 and started clicking pictures and this one turned our to be the best.

And I’d like to say that I didn’t need any editing or effects to make this picture more beautiful than it already is. Nature does all the work. Enjoy!


Happy 71st B’Day to my School.

I reminisce this little girl. Timid and shy. Walking to her class on the first day of the school.
I see this tall girl now. Smart and confident. Walking to her class on just about any day of school.
There’s a difference. MGD made all the difference.
This girl is me.
It has shaped me into some one I was not sixteen years ago. It has given me chances,taken away some. It has brought memories that can never be forgotten and has brought smiles that will be forever looked upon with admiration.
The journey has been a drastic one,I’ll give you that.
MGD is the reason.
It has not only been a great school but a stagnant platform for one to pursue their interest and master in them. If has been able to make me into a better person. A person I never thought I would ever be. It has taught me so much. From stopping bullying to talking to a teacher open heartedly. From waiting patiently for someone to adjust my dupatta to eating at the canteen and choosing what to eat. It had truly been a beautiful adventure. School is obviously something you never FORGET. But’s way too special. It’s the best. And after the arrival of our new principal,Mrs Suniti Sharma. It’s all the more better. Way better.

Happy birth day to MY school. Happy birth day Maharani Gayatri Devi Girls School. You are 71.:)

My school is an all-girls school.
It has been one for gall and success. So many opportunities. So many friends. Days filled with studying and even frolicking around.

I know for sure that when my school finishes,I’ll terribly miss everything about it. The thing is that my school has a certain charm. It has grace. It does things the imperial way.

I am proud to be in the school I find myself to be in today.