The Little Things.

Before you jump to any conclusions and judge me by the name of my blog this week,just know that I am in a happy mood.

And’s not the One Direction Song I’ll be taking about so shush.

As I listen to the rain making tapping sounds on the window,I have an epiphany and I realise many things all at once.

Telling your mother what happened at school is happiness.

Getting wet in the rain in your school uniform is happiness.

Eating a slice of rich chocolate cake is happiness as well!

It doesn’t matter if we are not who we wanted to be.

It doesn’t matter if we fall . Because failing brings us step closer to success.

It doesn’t matter if you did extremely bad at a test in school.

It’s okay. It has to be.

One thing in life I have learn about the human race that it cares. Too much. Or too less?

It’s a labyrinth I’d like to immense myself in some other time.

Because for now,just relish in the fact that you breathe;you smile and you wake up each day to look at the rising sun and go to bed with the moon hung over the horizon.

Thanks God. For all the little things.

4 thoughts on “The Little Things.

  1. little things mean a lot ( i know sounds like a clichè and it is but (un)fortunately, it’s a cliché that happens to be true as well) i like one direction’s “the best song ever” i’m not fond of chocolates but i agree about the rain. i love walking in the rain. things only matters if it mean something to you, the rest not unless it’s crowding your style. failing… you’ll get over it. have a nice weekend!

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