Philosophy Time by the 16 Year Old.

It’s time.

For what,you ask?

Nothing much. Just a big bunch of teenage emotions,feelings and hormones and personal experiences.


You may be. I am not.

I am not ready to pen out the cliché.

Yes,my exams are over. Yes,I am elated to not be studying but there are other things than writing an exam and getting the marks you deserve.

There’s the flaws of life and it’s beauty.

I have many flaws like overthinking. Right now,I was trotting back around the house with my emotions all around the room. About tribal things. About what I would write about when I finally settled myself in for the night,how I had been using sarcasm as my mode of talking the whole day.

Yes. Things are complicated.

And I am probably contradicting myself right now by coming to square one. Woah.

But still. Isn’t life a beautiful thing? With people to love and people to hate? To take up challenges and to overcome your fears? To smile nevertheless.

You have faults. Everyone has. You make mistakes too. Everyone has been there and done that. It’s been a month since I have been having strong revelations about life.

Everyday. I try. I try to correct my flaws and become a better person. Everyday,I try to remain patient when I have to repeat something twice. Everyday,I try to abstain from giving snide remarks to people who deserve it.

I try. I succeed. I don’t.

This is life. You trip. You groan. You see determination flash to get back on your feet and you use this resolute feeling to stand up again and carry on forward.

Therefore,keep trying. Keep smiling.

Thank God for Life. 🙂

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