Change. Oh,so strong.

Her eyes snapped open.

And yet another restless night. A night full of thoughts that made her chest constrict in pain and worry. So many worst case scenarios floated in her mind like logs of wood in the lake. They were just..there.

Today felt different though.

She sat up. And immediately the memories hit her full force.

Him. He was there. Right there. She had to squeeze her eyes shut and feel the pain the memories brought.

His light snores. His body. His voice.

She shook her head. As if telling herself to shake away the thoughts.

She got up. And her feet touched the marvelled floor that was now very cold and unwelcoming . She hissed and drew back up.

Were Winters here?

She put her feet on the ground again and without hissing or fussing,made her way and started carrying out her daily routine.

There was a chill in the air.

She looked out the window and groaned at the sight of dark,grey clouds that hovered.


Scratch that. Rain plus the onset of winters.

She breathed out deeply. He hated winters too. He would always want to bail out on classes and stay in.

She smiled as his ostensible face swan in her mind. She would always lecture him about that.

Shaking her head was so normal now.
An activity carried out unconsciously.

Even though she was cold,inside and out,she felt the difference.

For once,she wasn’t the eighteen year old girl whose boyfriend had left her for another.

She was someone.

She was not the shadow of a girl who used to cry as soon as she got the chance to. She wasn’t someone who would draw their knees to their chin and rock back and forth.

She did not cry today morning. Oh. What a surprise. And that made her strong.

She was strong. Her strength had just gotten lost in the battle of her heart and mind.

This realisation made her smile. It was a small smile. Just a curve of the lips sets everything straight,right?

Change came. And it came fast.

She was changing. She was becoming stronger. She was moving on

With the winters came back the girl everyone had missed. Yes,she was here.

Yes. Winters were definitely here.