Epiphanies on New Year.

It’s almost the onset of another year.
Therefore,Happy New Year,readers.

So,when I woke up today,I asked myself a question-“Have I changed? Have I changed much from last year?”

My answer to myself was-“Yes.i have.”

There may not have been trophies to signify my success (let’s not ignore the shitload of participation certificates stored away in the attic) but yes,it’s true when they say that trophies carry dust. Memories last forever.

Memories it is!

Pff,who cares about those Shiny Toys,eh?

I may not have been successful but I have been happy. So many things have made me smile this year. I have learned so much. My thinking has changed. Goals have altered and my friend list has shortened (even more so). Thus,I have become more determined. I have one rule-If you don’t win,don’t cry. At least,you have been a good person all along.

Think about it.

And ask yourself too.

Have you changed? 🙂

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