2015! 😄

The time has come!

2015. Finally,eh?

Frankly,no one was actually waiting for it. It’s just the rush of the party you are attending that makes you excited. One of those times when the whole world comes together just for ONCE.

It’s beautiful and magical.

Amidst the loud music and cheerful wishes,I sit here,draped in a shawl,cuddling and watching TV. Not to mention,watching other people partying through SnapChat.

Being boring can be good. You don’t actually have to do what EVERYONE is doing. Be special,folks.

It’s just so necessary for teens to show off where they actually are. It becomes an annoying habit.

Small luncheon with friends?
Tell the world.

Cutting a cake? Tell the world.

Dog died? Hell yes! Mourn and tell the world.

What a fetish. Oh wait. Let’s not be cynical when it’s just..how much time is left? Oh ya,13 minutes left for New Year!

The thing is I am happy being HERE. One concept that has been a constant in my life is to be happy and grateful for wherever you are and however you are. Asking for what you can’t have isn’t worth it,right?

So being sprawled on the sofa and watching TV tonight is okay. Living in the moment is the best thing to do. It’s the thing I do.

So if you are just like me,tell me. Because let’s face it,I want more likes. No I am kidding,I love EVERYONE who reads my pathetic excuses of a blog and appreciates it. Thank you.

Here go the crackers!

Thank you Dearest Neighbours. We didn’t know it was 2015 until you decided to wake the whole street up.

No sarcasm? Okay okay. I’ll behave.

Have a great year,guys.

Much love.

6 thoughts on “2015! 😄

  1. You sound like James Bond or something. Keeping up the secrecy and suspense I like. True that! Music is like a medicine. Specially when you are distressed or want to just get away from everything. I like your concept. 🙂

  2. I apologize for hiding my identity but it is necessary.
    I link different YouTube songs because I like sharing music with everyone. Music can change everything for a person. It can make differences and change moods. What a song can do to you is beautiful. I find this concept of sharing music and hence, moods, beautiful. 🙂
    -Same Random Guy 🙂

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