13th. Lucky or maybe not?

It’s certainly baffling to conclude whether 13 is lucky or unlucky.

Most people would just brush it off saying it is! But what about people who were actually born on 13th? Or those people who have 13 dogs?

We fret,you know. We worry. Sometimes our worries and doubts are proved right when Friday the 13th goes horribly awry. When on 13th,we fall in a puddle and ruin our newest clothes. THAT is when we also conclude that 13 is unlucky.

I like to believe otherwise. I try.

I think you cannot blame the numbers but the circumstances. It’s just how the day starts and how YOU make it start. It depends on your mood and your aim.

Are you rolling to make it a success? Then bear in mind just this.

Let’s take ME for example. I had a terrible day. I angered people,disappointed some. And when the day ended,I muttered to myself-“Stupid 13th January.” No. It’s not stupid! It’s me who is. It’s my fault.

What I would like to say is don’t blame other people or other numerological dates for your faults and failures. It’s you who should be blamed or the circumstances that got you where you are. Don’t blame Nature and the course it takes. 13th will come no matter what.

I think I have rambled enough. And I hope you learn something. Because I sure did. Be positive. Be determined. Be happy.

Thanks. Good night.

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