I am all about poems these days. Any thing and everything gets me on edge and I have to write if out.


Read on,please.

I hate saying goodbyes.
I hate my misty eyes.
I hate the nagging feeling.
I hate how my heart is,
Almost in my throat.
I hate how I don’t
Want to let go.

I hate how my loved one,
Waves and smiles and,
Turns their back to me.
As if the last glance is
Everything. But it’s not.
Because I can never
Muster the strength to
Say goodbye. I’ll always
Want to hold on.

My Heart.

I write a lot of poems but only some make it here. I write them in the hopes that someone,anyone will comment.

My soul wants to,
Sit in the dark.
For it is as black
And bleak as the dark itself.

My heart wants to,
Reach out to you.
But you are far away.
Putting distance,
As we speak.

My brain wants to,
Forget it all. And,
Make a life with no
Regrets and happy
Moments and dreams.

My body wants,
Peace and pleasure.
To derive it unthinkably,
To take it savagely,
Until I am hollow inside.

In the end,
The heart wins.
For It wants what it wants.
And it reaches out to you,
Before you go.

My heart may have,
Been weak and fragile.
But now it is,
Strong and resolute.

And it wants,
To win this battle,
There is between,
You and me.


Human emotions. They shift like the weather. They change like a man’s greed. They alter lives. They are so inexact and ambiguous.

For instance,I was just watching a Bollywood movie named ‘Haider’. To those of you who don’t know,it’s an adaptation of William Shakespeare’s ‘Hamlet’. It was a marvellous movie and let’s just say that my jacket sleeve is black and grainy from all the mascara I wiped during the movie. It was intense and worth it. Since I was in such a forlorn mood,I decided to watch something Happy-Go-Lucky and lost myself in another jovial episode of The Big Bang Theory and I was laughing like a nut job in no time.

Fascinating,isn’t it?

Emotions are what set us apart from robots. We let them rule us,agains our better judgement,for the better or for the worse.

Emotions make us. Break us. Alter us.

Love. Sadness. Greed. Grief. They come along in waves that could be high or low,depending on our circumstances and our mood.

My emotions are all over the place almost all the time. Tsk tsk,don’t be a sexist and conclude that this happens because I am a girl. Nope. Even men get carried away by their emotions and the changes they bring could be life altering.

Meh could be driven by strong emotions like jealousy and greed too.

I am stifling a yawn but that does not mean that I am bored. My body just needs rest. From a day well spent and a movie well watched. If you have no idea how I came about with the inspiration of tonight’s blog,then don’t be a lazy bum and Google the movie and TV show I mentioned above as soon as you can. You’ll be thanking me if you do.

Good night. Or..good morning..whenever you are.
Nevertheless,have a good day! Be happy. Don’t let your emotions RULE you. 🙂