My Heart.

I write a lot of poems but only some make it here. I write them in the hopes that someone,anyone will comment.

My soul wants to,
Sit in the dark.
For it is as black
And bleak as the dark itself.

My heart wants to,
Reach out to you.
But you are far away.
Putting distance,
As we speak.

My brain wants to,
Forget it all. And,
Make a life with no
Regrets and happy
Moments and dreams.

My body wants,
Peace and pleasure.
To derive it unthinkably,
To take it savagely,
Until I am hollow inside.

In the end,
The heart wins.
For It wants what it wants.
And it reaches out to you,
Before you go.

My heart may have,
Been weak and fragile.
But now it is,
Strong and resolute.

And it wants,
To win this battle,
There is between,
You and me.

4 thoughts on “My Heart.

  1. Hi, it’s Memee from Memee’s Musings. Thank you for voting for your favorite Parade poem in the March #MemeesPoetryParty event. Your poem above is very vivid and you should never be timid about your beautiful soul and the words you are putting out into the world. I wish you could have submitted this for February’s poetry party, #howdoilovethee I am sure you would have gained followers and may have even been one of three finalists.

    I hope you will consider submitting something of your own to future poetry parties. To learn more please visit this page:

    Then be sure to challenge your fellow poetry writers and tell your followers to vote for you.

    Hope to see you around the punchbowl!


  2. You are truly an amazing writer, I hope you’re aware of this. Your poem takes me away, to an unfamiliar but yet comfortable place. I let my emotions take over & just be. I understand writing in hope that someone will comment but as someone who just joined wordpress, I write mostly for myself. I like putting my thoughts down. Please follow me as I am new to this & I will do the same. Thank you,


    1. Thank you. Your comment made my day! I completely respect that you write for yourself. But soon,others will love your writing too, I can predict. I’ll follow you immediately. 🙂

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