Childhood is like that citadel
That crumbles as we become of age.
The bricks of innocence break.
And the mortar of soft skin wrinkles.
The legs that couldn’t reach the cabin
Once,become sleek enough to fetch
That jar of jam.
The mind that couldn’t conjure,
Rational thoughts and opinions.
Now critiques the world.
Such is the citadel that breaks,
With time. With age.

A Letter to that kid I saw.

Dear Anonymous Kid,

You came out of nowhere,in front of my eyes. You were swarthy complexioned,barefoot and overly excited. I don’t blame you. You were seeing a small part of the big fat Indian wedding-the Baarat. There was loud music. People were dancing adorned in their heavy jewellery and bright dresses. The groom was mounted upon the reluctant horse. And there you were,a little small black shape amidst mean people and there I was-blatantly observing you. As soon as some people threw money due to the prosperity and auspiciousness of the occasion,you were out like a light. Into the crowd to grab the money that was soon going to be on the floor and probably,under people’s feet. I saw everything and it broke my heart and shattered my equanimity. One of the people playing the drums caught a 100 Rupee note at the same time you did. A momentary tug of war and you won. And I saw you smile for the first time then. The happiness was contagious. You were showing off your teeth and it saddened my heart a little more. Why did you have to struggle like that? Why? I don’t have an answer and I don’t think I ever will. I can just sit here,being lugubrious and replaying this little scenario in my head again and again. Why couldn’t you find another source to earn the money? Nevertheless, I am happy that something as small (not for you) as a 100 Rupee note could bring such a smile on you. I am not the reason of this smile but I definitely was a recipient. I hope,wherever you are,you grow up to be a bright young man who doesn’t have to sacrifice his childhood and waste it in collecting money that was never his in the first place. I hope you are successful. I hope you go to school.

Crazy,Observant Me.

For those of you who do not know or are not aware of the Indian culture and its weddings,Baarat is a part where the groom is mounted upon a horse and his in-laws and other people dance to drums and western music until they reach the venue of the actual wedding! Interesting,right? Haha. Like and comment.

Music-My Only Friend.

Music is my only friend,
In times such as these,
When I find myself to
Be so helpless that I am
Unable to help my family,
In grief. Or put a smile on
The faces of my loved ones.

Music is my only friend,
When there is no stopping,
The morose atmosphere,
In my cosy residence.
Singing along with the lyrics,
Makes me forget my pains,
And that throbbing head ache.

Even if it’s only for a little while.

I am Insane.

I could always ask you about,
Your intermittent messages.
I could always confront you.
About your abrupt change
In behaviour. But I don’t.

Because I love the surprise,
And amusement that comes
With that chime on my phone,
Indicating a message from you.
Because I love the mystery,
That comes along in those words,
You typed by your manly hands.

Even though sometimes,
I question my sanity. And,
Think to myself-“Why am I
Attracted to you and why does
A simple smile come on my face?l
I have no answer to that.
Therefore, I am insane about you.
I just don’t know why.

Note-I apologise for the last pose. I’ll be deleting it. Plus,who wants to delete a blog filled with sob stories of a 16 year old? Heh. Like and comment!


Note: This poem has been written when I was sobbing my heart out. Like..I am sad most of the time so it seems fair to write it all whenever I get the chance to.

My life is a bitch,you guys.


She looks in the mirror,
And in it is reflected,
Not her face but every
Mistake she has made.
Until now. In it is reflected
Every wrong decision and
Every opportunity she has
Passed up and let go of.
Her reflection makes her
See all the unscrupulous
Tantrums she threw at her
Parents,every insult to her
Brother. She sees all the
Times she lied. Lied about
Her smile that was fake.
Because on the inside,
She was burning with
Intensity and anger and
Most of all, tears.
Tears that are brimming,
Waiting to escape from
Their sanctuary. The
Mirror shows it all. It
Shows how plain she is.
How her life is a mess.
She breaks down once
Again. Oh Tears.