Note: This poem has been written when I was sobbing my heart out. Like..I am sad most of the time so it seems fair to write it all whenever I get the chance to.

My life is a bitch,you guys.


She looks in the mirror,
And in it is reflected,
Not her face but every
Mistake she has made.
Until now. In it is reflected
Every wrong decision and
Every opportunity she has
Passed up and let go of.
Her reflection makes her
See all the unscrupulous
Tantrums she threw at her
Parents,every insult to her
Brother. She sees all the
Times she lied. Lied about
Her smile that was fake.
Because on the inside,
She was burning with
Intensity and anger and
Most of all, tears.
Tears that are brimming,
Waiting to escape from
Their sanctuary. The
Mirror shows it all. It
Shows how plain she is.
How her life is a mess.
She breaks down once
Again. Oh Tears.

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