I am Insane.

I could always ask you about,
Your intermittent messages.
I could always confront you.
About your abrupt change
In behaviour. But I don’t.

Because I love the surprise,
And amusement that comes
With that chime on my phone,
Indicating a message from you.
Because I love the mystery,
That comes along in those words,
You typed by your manly hands.

Even though sometimes,
I question my sanity. And,
Think to myself-“Why am I
Attracted to you and why does
A simple smile come on my face?l
I have no answer to that.
Therefore, I am insane about you.
I just don’t know why.

Note-I apologise for the last pose. I’ll be deleting it. Plus,who wants to delete a blog filled with sob stories of a 16 year old? Heh. Like and comment!

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