Barefoot as the day she was born,
She walks in the grass,her toes curl
Against the dew and softness of the
Green carpet underneath her feet.
She is home.

Fingers grasping the petals of the
Pink lilac. Her curious nostrils ready
To take in the refreshing scent of
The flower. Her whole being feels new.
She is home.

Watching a little girl with her mother,
Who holds her hand tightly in her own,
Clad in a cap and school uniform.
She is home.

Letting her body bathe in the sun
Rays that touch her alabaster skin,
She lets it turn a healthy red. She
Lets the warmth reach her heart.
She is home.

Away from the noise.
Away from prying eyes.
Away from a house made of materialistic things. She is home.

15 thoughts on “Away..

    1. I don’t care whether you are a stalker or not. Well, I care when you are an axe murderer. Which you are not so it’s all chill. You love it all? You made my day! I am glad you did too. ❤️

      1. Just because it’s in Rajasthan and it’s called a desert doesn’t mean it’s hot. And yes, it’s hot in terms of ‘hot’ people here. Wow. That was just..anyway.

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