When she cooked for the first time..

It’s her first time in the kitchen,
She can name the appliances.
She can smell the ingredients.
She knows that she’ll feel ounces
Of satisfaction when she can
Cook something eatable.

A lady that could be no one
But her mother comes up and
Starts ordering her in a soft voice.
“Was the flattened rice.”
“Careful. Let the oil boil.”

The girl does everything accordingly.
A satisfied smile and pride adorning
Her features. What she thought was
Difficult all her life is right in front
Of her in the form of yellow rice.
The recipe so easy and nice!

There’s a beauty in a teacher-student relationship. While we may spend a majority of our time cussing at our teachers,they are the ones who play a paramount role in shaping our personally. This one’s to my mother-a teacher that I value more than my life. And to all those teachers who have ever taught me. Thanks. 🙂

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