Constant bickering for air
Conditioner. Sticky finger
Tips from the orange ice
Cream after school. Sweat
Staining the school uniform.
A drained personality.
Tired and stress borne.Feel of
Soft cotton that soothes the
Inner being marks the
Beginning of lazy days,
Clouded thoughts,sleepy
Nights. As soon it begins,
We want it to end. We
Want the days for cuddling
Back. We want the hot
Steaming cup of coffee
Back in our hands. But
Alas! It’s summer. I welcome
It with drowsy eyes.
I wait for my holidays with
Impatience. To explore.
To relax. To know myself.
To ace a skill at my own
Will. To sleep till late. I
Keenly welcome and wait.
The feel of the ripe mangoes
In hands marks the stained
Clothes,the satisfied throats.
It’s just I welcome summer
With a little more fervour.

Hi everyone!

All of you who take the time to read my blog are sweethearts. That ping on my phone makes my day. You know what else could? A simple tap on the star to like this post or better, a comment! Tell me where I can improve my writing skills. Tell me if you could relate to this poem even just a little bit. Tell me tell me!

Thank you.

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