Inspiration can come from anyone. Even your brother.

While growing up, I have never had the misfortune of knowing the struggle that comes with loosing weight. Hence, those incessantly annoying ads about weight loss pills or diet that pop up every once in a while have been blatantly ignored by me.

However, I may not have known the struggle but I see and feel it everyday in the form of my brother. You see, there was a time when he was overwrought. His fault, of course, as he could not maintain a healthy life style and a balanced exercise routine. But now, when some sense has been knocked into him, he has realised the worth. He has realised the value of life and how better he can make it if he puts in some effort. I am glad he is ameliorating his life.

So much so that the hot serving of pasta that once tempted him into eating it whole looks mawkish to him. That’s progress, right? Of course, we as a family try to mollify him and force him to have one or two of those ‘cheat days’ where he can have anything he wants (and regret it later)
But he refuses that too.

All I am saying is that we shape our own life and it’s in our hands to make it better or worse. Learn from your mistakes and don’t do the folly of making them again. My brother is truly an inspiration (right now, it might not last after he is his normal size) but yes, he is.

Thanks for reading. 🙂

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