“I can stay away from my phone.” Said no one ever.

As I was introduced to the pleasures of technology in my early years of existence, I have been addicted to Whatsapp ever since.

Hence, this week, something weird happened. I have this enervating habit which requires me to check my phone as soon as I wake up. And by soon, I mean, right in the bed! As I was scrolling through, I realised I had NO messages on WhatsApp. And after that, you don’t want to imagine my wrath. It was delirious as to how my mind came up with thoughts like “I am worthless and boring” as plausible explanations to no one messaging me.

The whole day was spent with me frowning and just..staring at my phone. Odd, right? And at night, when I couldn’t take it anymore, when I HAD to listen to the beep indicating a message, I messaged almost everyone of my friends, sending them conversation starters and relishing in the subsequent beeps. Sick satisfactions, I tell you.

However, narrating this experience has a purpose. I am trying to illustrate how technology has fierce tutelage on the human race. No one can stay away from their phones or tablets, for that matter. And it’s disappointing. We need distractions. God knows I do, desperately.

Thank you for reading. Hey! Keep your phone down now. Oh wait, like my post first!

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