Compassion. It’s missing.

Hey hey hey! After reading this poem, don’t think of me as a bad person because someway or the other, we all do this and by this, I clearly mean not helping someone in need. We may see this person, giving the ‘help me’ vibe but we just try to ignore it. Hence, by this poem, I just want to put it out there, in the broad daylight, help everyone you can, in anyway you can. I have known people in my school who would sometimes see me in my most vulnerable state and not help me. And that is when I relinquish my faith in humanity. Which I should not by the way.

The man, lanky and
Lugubrious in his actions,
Filled with loneliness and
Compassions. I watch
With absurd interest as he
Smiles, missing teeth and
Yet, a light in his eyes that
Never goes out when he
Talks to his grandson,
Beauty and approbation
On his face. I conclude
With sadness that this is
The only time he is happy.
The only time the life in
Him awakens. The only
time his soul rejoices
And yet, I sit here, just
Penning down someone’s
Penurious life sans joy.
Doing nothing about it,
Replicating the standard
Human nature.

P.S Extremely overwhelmed by the likes on my blog. I love you all. Just know this. Keep smiling. Spread positivity. Hit the like button!

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