Love’s Limit.

My life is a big ironic bubble and I am about to burst it. Not really, actually. I just wrote this poem, after being lectured by Mother for watching too much TV. And the poem is on my mother and my love for her.

Because getting angry after your mom lectures you was too mainstream. Therefore, I decided to write a poem.

Just one touch,
And all my demons
Run away with their
Tails between their legs.
Just one smile,
And my euphoria
Magnifies to a whole
New level.
Just one word of advice,
And I see my life sorting
Itself like my clothes she
Folds, one by one.
Turn after turn.
Just one tear,
And my heart breaks
Into million pieces.
Oh Mother!
Have some clemency
On me because I
Can’t love you more
Than this, more than
A daughter could. And
Often, I find myself
Asking-“What is the
Limit to love?”
And a voice inside me
Answers, reverberating-
“There is none.”
I shut up then.
Because I know that
I could make a genuine
Proclamation of my
Love and admiration
For you and still, it
Won’t be enough.

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