Hello everyone ! I am gradually getting infatuated by Jonathan Meyers from the “August Rush” right now and it’s not good. I have to study and stuff. And while I am at it, I have also written a poem. *claps*

This poem is inspired by a scene I saw in a movie, it caught my attention and I HAD to write about it while the scene lasted for about a second on the screen.

Oh and, if you hate the poem, you tell me. If you love it, you tell me then also. 🙂


Maybe we got lost,
On a cold, frosty night.
Maybe we stood there,
Loneliness and tears in
Our eyes.

Maybe it was as dark
As a shady dungeon,
So dark that we both
Melted in our misery and
Stayed quiet about it.

Maybe the slender tress
That were as still as a
Statue were sobbing
At our plight.

And just maybe,
I hoped that my steps
Would take me as far as
They could from you.
So that some agony
Would mitigate.

5 thoughts on “Maybe?

      1. Hahahahahaha why,thank youuu!💋
        And I love it when someone says I sound like them.That goes to show that I am not the only one.:D
        And the poem is really good.:)

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