What I Write.

ANNOUNCEMENT- my 100th followers gets virtual Nutella and burritos. I am not lying, I swear.

Anyway, enjoy another poem if you haven’t passed out from boredom yet.

My niece of right years
Asks me what I do.
I simply answer by
Saying I read and write.
Her eyes become
Rounder and she huffs
“Oh! Write? Write what?”
And again, I answer
That I write about
Your future lover. I write
About the cloud cover.
I write about heart breaks.
I write about your first
Drink. I write about
Your last date. I write
About the movie I just
Saw. I write about
Almost everything I know.
And at last, I write about
Happiness and positivity.
I write to smile. I write
To feel worthy of
hundreds of smiles I
Might be spreading when
They read my poetry.

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