Women Of The Past.

This JUST happened

Me-“Mom, timidandvivid has 93 followers!!! I am so happy.”
Mom-“Who is that?”

…true story, son.

Even though I have told her my blog name, she forgets. On god. It!’s very funny to see her when she wracks her brain to remember. Rhyming all the way!

TWO POEMS IN ONE DAY. Hope you enjoy, I love you all, no matter what.

How unusual it is
To read about
Women of The Past
Who sat mulling over
Their lives and wished
That they were born
As boys. They wished
That their fathers
Didn’t have to be
So overprotective. They
Wished that their
Fathers looked upon
Their achievements
Like their fair sons.
The women envied
The brothers who were
Militants in garrisons.
They adored boys
Who joined armies
And fought battles.

How refreshing it is
To see that Women
Of Today wish nothing
Of this sort. Instead,
They are brazen and
Proud of who they are.
A girl. A mother.
A daughter. Anyone
You name and want.
Times have changed.
Women Of Today,
Are the Leading Ladies,
Countering any problem.
With poise. With ease.

I am sorry if you fell asleep while reading the poem. Not your fault. However, if you like it, please tell me. It makes me happy and gives me motivation to keep going.

Have a nice day!

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