My little Potato Chip Episode.

Whenever Dad calls me his princess, I feel so comforted. I don’t know what I’d without him. Who would pay for my countless clothes and deliver a big frown and then smile again because I spent too much on food? That’s right, food. I tend to eat a lot. So what if I am not fat? Don’t judge me.

This was a little Father’s Day-Approaching-Message. However, my poem today is very silly! Sillier than me. If you can bear it, then like it. If you hated if, tell me right away!!

As trivial and silly it is,
Last night, I sat on
The edge of my sofa
And chomped on
Potato chips. They
Were spicy and burned
My throat and their
spice remained
On my lips. I stared at
The concoction on
My fingers and as
Obnoxious as it sounds,
I licked them clean like a
Medicine on a wound.
I finished the whole
Packet and patted my
Little stomach, it felt
Good to be having a
Midnight snack again,
No guilt, no havoc.
Things such as these
Give me a paltry
Satisfaction that I
Can still act like a child
Whenever I feel like it,
And not be ashamed.

Just a small poem on how childish I can be. Believe me, I can be jump-in-a puddle childish whenever I want to be. So that’s about that. Even you can be childish. Live a little, you guys. Go sky dive! Haha.

Good night. 🙂

3 thoughts on “My little Potato Chip Episode.

  1. Hey,it’s okay to be childish once in a while,you know.Because now that we can’t do that everyday,being childish that is, the least we can do for ourselves is pretend.Pretend to be a child.Be a child.It’s a wonderful feeling,isn’t it?:D

    Too much,huh?:P

    1. Yes, that’s what I was trying to tell through my poem. Yes, pretending. No, not too much. Just the right amount of saying stuff haha. I am so sleepy, anyway. Thanks for commenting! 🙂

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