A Fantasy.

Before you muse about this seventeen year old blogger being in love,hold that thought. Because the only things I love are my phone, food and wi-fi.

Yes. Teens.

However, this poem is not about my lover or anything. I have obviously not reached THAT age. And I am responsible enough to not let anyone break the walls of my heart.

Not my aorta and venacava. Ha Ha Ha.

Anyway, this poem is just a little fantasy of what could have been if I were, in fact, older and desperately in love. Which I am not. Enjoy with no strings attached. Thanks!

Ample silence,
To make out your
Soft snores beside
Me. In this dark night
I just want to be,
Next to you, with
Your arms wrapped
Around me. Let’s
Make a cage of our
Arms and throw away
The key. I will trace
Your biceps and
You will be next to
Me, holding me close.
So close that we are
One body and one
Mind. Let’s breathe
Each other out until
Our souls intervene.
Ample silence,
To make sure that
You are indeed next
To me and are fine.

Remember the rules, right? If you hate it, you tell me. And I am preparing some poems on History. They are interesting, to me, at least.

Good night. Smile!

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