Happiness that faded away.

I have been reading some very serious and beautiful poetry by Robert Frost and to think I am impressed would be an understatement.

Can I be Lady Rob Frost? Haha. I tried to do some deep poetry. Did I succeed? You tell me.

Here goes.

I live in a paltry cottage,
With a cosy fireplace
And rosewood floor.
It offers me solace
And isolation and yet
My happiness seems
To have lost its way.
Then,I gaze outside at
the Brook that welcomes
The sunshine like a
Ship on a dock.
I gaze and gaze and
Gaze until I can no
More. And across the
Brook is my happiness
Amongst the wilderness,
That fades away into
Nothingness. And here
I am, on the dark side,
With grey clouds and
Thunder and how it
Roars like a sad
Crow who doesn’t
Know how to Kow
Anymore. My eye
Lids droop and I
Want to forget that
I no longer feel joy
Inside my heart.
I want to forget the
Bitterness that has
Resided from the start.

All I feel is loneliness.

Do you ever feel like this? It’s raining outside. You can hear the tap of the raindrops lucidly and yet, despite the aesthetic weather, you just want to mope and cuddle in a blanket?

I feel majorly under the weather. Mainly because Summer Holidays are ending. Just kidding. If you ever feel like that, please comment and tell me, lads and lasses.


Good night.

7 thoughts on “Happiness that faded away.

  1. Firstly very nice poem and you have got a pretty good blog. When I am alone, I smile and think myself that the universe is so very big and the aloneness is a short term illusion.

  2. Firstly beautiful poem and pretty nice blog… When I feel alone the first thing I do is I smile and tell myself that universe is so very big, and loneliness is not permanent but it’s just a short term feel… All this is in my perspective 😄😄😄

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