Her mind is a perilous place.
Filled to the brim with puzzles
Misplaced. Her brain conjures
Images of the future. A future
That will take time to mould
Itself into the vessel she has
Made. A vessel of happiness
And success but her brain
Effaced the fact that to make
A future of prosperity and
Bliss, she needs to word
Harder until she reaches the
Stage. Her mind will some
Times dwell on the negative
Side and form grotesque
Images of a future destroyed
By her own indolence and
Recklessness. With immense
Celerity, her mind jumps to
Conclusions. Didn’t I warn
You before? Her mind boggles.

I write a poem on the working of brain and mind and my brain actually starts hurting hahaha. If you like it, then follow me on WordPress and if you don’t, well..either way, have a good day.

Spread P-O-S-I-T-I-V-I-T-Y.

That school girl…

I feel like a midget
When I go to school.
Next to my seniors
Who stand tall and aloof.
As my uncoordinated feet
Clad in black shoes and
A mammoth bag, twice
My size is laden on my
Shoulder. I giggle with
My fellow friend as we
Discuss the latest Barbie
We like now. And I
Also wonder if my friend
Is interested in playing
Doll house with me. Then,
There’s homework to
Worry about. What is
Two one’s are two? And
How do you know that
Ganga is a holy river? I
Am confused. Just like
This, I am in front of my
Class and I get distracted
When one of my friends
Comes running to me and
Says-“Sit next to me today.”
And the only reply I can
come up with is a
rejoiced yes! And then
My whole world shifts
And I am in my happy
Place. I am a big girl
Now. I am a rock star.

Ask me where the motivation for this poem comes and you’ll laugh your guys out. I just observed a little girl and her mannerisms in my school and I had to write it.

Tell me if it’s silly! I don’t mind honest criticism.

On a positive note, have a great day!
Spread Happiness!

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This man who helps the
Poor lady cross the road,
Has a hand on her bony
shoulder and one holding
her fragile fingers, ready to
snap. His eyes reflect only
and only grave kindness and
Etiquette. And he does not
hesitate to strike a
small talk with her.
She responds with sheer
interest, for she has never
Had a fellow hep her in times
of misery and helplessness.
This is new and this puts
a smile on her face.
Chivalrous and graceful, this
Man. And just like that, the
road is crossed and the
woman thanks him with
All the help she sought.
They bid farewell and
the old woman tells herself-
“This is the uttermost insignia of humanity and compassion.”

The world is changing.

Is it? Take a moment and think about it. And the next time you have an opportunity to help someone, do it without a second thought.I hope you all have a great day.

I love you all!


Rejection is equivalent to drowning,
I reckon. A feeling of panic and
Hyperventilation. A sinking feeling
And a numbness that follows is
Enough to make you weak and
Feel hollow. You want to come
Back to the water’s surface but you
Just can’t. Because you are drowning.
Not in water. But the mistakes
You have made in the past. The
Mistakes that led to an odious
Rejection. But, a saying springs
Into my mind and it’s enough to
Tell you that not all is lost. Because
Sometimes, you win and sometimes,
You learn. It may be a viscous
Cycle but it makes people turn and
Gaze at you with awe and envy
Because you managed to look
Past rejection and take it in
Your stride. You learned that it’s
Not rejection but a second chance
That you shall get. Enough motivation
To make you try hard.


Start your day by saying to yourself-“I will have a good day.” And dear friend, you shall. I am not in the best phase of life right now and I think i am going to have to face rejections from some places I am dying to hear from. (It’s feedback on some of my poems) I guess the cat is out of the bag and you all know. However, that’s not the point. Please realise that rejection doesn’t end the world. More doors will open and you will be fortunate to find the keys to those doors.

Have a good day!
I love you all.

The Waves And I.

Read this poem and you’ll realise that the macintosh reference was unnecessary and you’ll laugh your butt off. You will, I swear. But first read my spontaneous work.

The noisy waves crash
into the complacent rocks
every so often. The waves
meet the harshness under the
Bright sun. They embrace
The rocks as they are, the
Waves can’t complain. It’s
Who they are. I sit cross
Legged, deep into the
Golden sand and all I can
Think about is how
Unforgiving and
judgmental you are. For
Not accepting me as I
was and throwing me
Away like a macintosh
After a heavy rain that
Ruined the raincoat.
Look at the waves, they
Embrace their faith,
Crashing into the rocks
Like it’s inevitable fate.

Disappointment tastes like?

How my mind works
Or it’s technicalities will
Always be a riddle.
Because,suddenly I
Want to fiddle with the
Idea of what disappointment
tastes like. Imagine.
Does it Taste bitter?
Does it Taste like Arugula?
Bitter and beneficial
At the same time with
A long lasting effect on
Us? Does disappointment
Taste like the potion the
Wretched witch with the
Black cape prepared so
That she could give us a
Taste of her life? Did
God make the taste of
Disappointment like that
Of pain at first and then
One of learning?/ So that
Our disappointment could
Grow out of our misery
And rise up as satisfaction?
We shall never know in
The Longevity of human
Race and can only hope
That it’s not as bitter as
We think it is.

The love a pet shows.


A small but significant smile

adorns your face. Bob’s barks

are not barks anymore. They

are a sign that he knows of your

existence like the feel of his own fur.

He believes his instincts and

he knows you are here. His paws

pad on the hardwood floor

as he comes pouncing on

you from the doorway. He

cuddles with you on

the floor and you say warm

words to each other. You remark

that he smells like carrots and he just

sits there as you pet him. Your

Hands find his flesh and with your

delicate fingers, you run through

his jet black fur. No one makes

you smile like this. Coming

home feels even more delightful

when he has got buckets and

oceans of love to give. What

they say is so true then, what

you give is what you get.

And your dog is a figure of a

beautiful German Shepherd who

will always be the only male

who will make you feel

pure love in your heart.

School has started and I have piles of homework to go through. Am I stressed? No. Because I am SUPER stressed. Hence, a poem to release SOME stress. Mmmm. Feels good.

I don’t have a dog and I wrote a poem on one. Oh. I am a delight. However, if you own a pet and feel the same, comment below or like!

Have a great day.
Spread positivity like confetti.

Anger-A Demon.

What kind of anger is that?
The one that possesses
Your mind and soul.
The one where anger is
Just not a feeling anymore?
It’s obnoxious and it
Takes hold,
Of your tongue that
Has a mind of its own,
You may feel triumphant
After speaking foul
Words to someone.
But after the anger
recedes,it’s your loss
And the regret of what
You have done.
Anger is not a feeling
anymore. It’s a demon.
You give it control and it
Will fill you with gloom
And disdain.

I am not having a very good day.
And I am all up for positivity but sometimes, it’s impossible to stay happy all the time. It’s a constant struggle.

I hope my poem sums up the type of anger even you feel sometimes.
If you can relate, like, comment, just let me know!

Eat ice cream today (random shiz)
Have a good day.
And smile!

The Logger.

He rests his hand on the
Firm trunk of the birch
tree and breathes a sign
Of relief. The logger is
gleaming with sweat and
All he can think about is
This scalding hot summer
And how wet his shirt
Is from his precipitation.
He rests his whole being
On the cool grass and
Sets out the tools he
Shall use for the crass
task. Ironic as this
situation is, it’s equally
Cruel. After resting for
A while, he sets out to
Culminate the only
Source of relaxation
And solace. He sets out
To annihilate the tree and
Its peers who provided
Him to efface the hot
Summer from his mind.
He doesn’t think twice
And the demise is with
Out a thought, breaking
All ties with humanity
And compassion.

Has anybody ever thought about people who rest under tress, basking in their shade and then cutting them afterward? No? Then read this poem and feel all the irony absorbing your soul. I hope my poem makes you ponder about this activity that has left my whole being crestfallen.

Good night.
Spread positivity!
Don’t b grumpy,okay?
Good night.

Dear Monsoon.

Hello everyone.

A post after a long time. You’ll ask why and I’ll tell you. Because, all this time, I have been studying and moping because summer holidays are ending in a week. I have a tender love for holidays. I don’t know where I get that from.

Anyway, here in India, we have been experiencing pleasant weather and it’s been raining frequently. So, do you know what I did? You know haha. I wrote a poem on the Monsoon Season, of course.

Enjoy! Let me know if you like it.

Dear Monsoon,
I welcome you,
With my umbrella in
Hand. I allow the
Frenetic wind to
Caress my arms like
A metal to the sand.
Dear Monsoon,
I adore the feel of
My feet in a puddle,
Wet and so subtle.
I enjoy sipping tea,
My hands wrapped
Around the cup,
In my blanket, cuddled.
Dear Monsoon,
I hope your omnipotent
Power makes farmers
Smile for they can
Rejoice when the
Harvest proliferates
and Thrives.
Dear Monsoon,
You make everyone
Happy when the
Droplets fall to the
Ground and we look
At the sky with
Deference and not

I have 122 followers on this blog and I would like to thank each and every one of you for sticking around and tolerating me. It’s a pleasure.

Have a good day. Spread smiles and kisses!