Anger-A Demon.

What kind of anger is that?
The one that possesses
Your mind and soul.
The one where anger is
Just not a feeling anymore?
It’s obnoxious and it
Takes hold,
Of your tongue that
Has a mind of its own,
You may feel triumphant
After speaking foul
Words to someone.
But after the anger
recedes,it’s your loss
And the regret of what
You have done.
Anger is not a feeling
anymore. It’s a demon.
You give it control and it
Will fill you with gloom
And disdain.

I am not having a very good day.
And I am all up for positivity but sometimes, it’s impossible to stay happy all the time. It’s a constant struggle.

I hope my poem sums up the type of anger even you feel sometimes.
If you can relate, like, comment, just let me know!

Eat ice cream today (random shiz)
Have a good day.
And smile!

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