The love a pet shows.


A small but significant smile

adorns your face. Bob’s barks

are not barks anymore. They

are a sign that he knows of your

existence like the feel of his own fur.

He believes his instincts and

he knows you are here. His paws

pad on the hardwood floor

as he comes pouncing on

you from the doorway. He

cuddles with you on

the floor and you say warm

words to each other. You remark

that he smells like carrots and he just

sits there as you pet him. Your

Hands find his flesh and with your

delicate fingers, you run through

his jet black fur. No one makes

you smile like this. Coming

home feels even more delightful

when he has got buckets and

oceans of love to give. What

they say is so true then, what

you give is what you get.

And your dog is a figure of a

beautiful German Shepherd who

will always be the only male

who will make you feel

pure love in your heart.

School has started and I have piles of homework to go through. Am I stressed? No. Because I am SUPER stressed. Hence, a poem to release SOME stress. Mmmm. Feels good.

I don’t have a dog and I wrote a poem on one. Oh. I am a delight. However, if you own a pet and feel the same, comment below or like!

Have a great day.
Spread positivity like confetti.

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