Disappointment tastes like?

How my mind works
Or it’s technicalities will
Always be a riddle.
Because,suddenly I
Want to fiddle with the
Idea of what disappointment
tastes like. Imagine.
Does it Taste bitter?
Does it Taste like Arugula?
Bitter and beneficial
At the same time with
A long lasting effect on
Us? Does disappointment
Taste like the potion the
Wretched witch with the
Black cape prepared so
That she could give us a
Taste of her life? Did
God make the taste of
Disappointment like that
Of pain at first and then
One of learning?/ So that
Our disappointment could
Grow out of our misery
And rise up as satisfaction?
We shall never know in
The Longevity of human
Race and can only hope
That it’s not as bitter as
We think it is.

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