The Waves And I.

Read this poem and you’ll realise that the macintosh reference was unnecessary and you’ll laugh your butt off. You will, I swear. But first read my spontaneous work.

The noisy waves crash
into the complacent rocks
every so often. The waves
meet the harshness under the
Bright sun. They embrace
The rocks as they are, the
Waves can’t complain. It’s
Who they are. I sit cross
Legged, deep into the
Golden sand and all I can
Think about is how
Unforgiving and
judgmental you are. For
Not accepting me as I
was and throwing me
Away like a macintosh
After a heavy rain that
Ruined the raincoat.
Look at the waves, they
Embrace their faith,
Crashing into the rocks
Like it’s inevitable fate.

2 thoughts on “The Waves And I.

  1. Well spontaneity takes a lot of courage and though you think the Macintosh reference was unnecessary, I think it allows the reader to have a minds image of what you try to convey.

    1. It does! I was so hesitant in posting the poem at first. True. I hope it sufficiently conveyed what I was trying to. Thanks for commenting! Have a good day! ✌️😄

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