Rejection is equivalent to drowning,
I reckon. A feeling of panic and
Hyperventilation. A sinking feeling
And a numbness that follows is
Enough to make you weak and
Feel hollow. You want to come
Back to the water’s surface but you
Just can’t. Because you are drowning.
Not in water. But the mistakes
You have made in the past. The
Mistakes that led to an odious
Rejection. But, a saying springs
Into my mind and it’s enough to
Tell you that not all is lost. Because
Sometimes, you win and sometimes,
You learn. It may be a viscous
Cycle but it makes people turn and
Gaze at you with awe and envy
Because you managed to look
Past rejection and take it in
Your stride. You learned that it’s
Not rejection but a second chance
That you shall get. Enough motivation
To make you try hard.


Start your day by saying to yourself-“I will have a good day.” And dear friend, you shall. I am not in the best phase of life right now and I think i am going to have to face rejections from some places I am dying to hear from. (It’s feedback on some of my poems) I guess the cat is out of the bag and you all know. However, that’s not the point. Please realise that rejection doesn’t end the world. More doors will open and you will be fortunate to find the keys to those doors.

Have a good day!
I love you all.

5 thoughts on “Rejection.

  1. Doors have to close for more doors to open. People have to reject u for others that will greatly impact u to accept you. Thats the secret of life.

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