This man who helps the
Poor lady cross the road,
Has a hand on her bony
shoulder and one holding
her fragile fingers, ready to
snap. His eyes reflect only
and only grave kindness and
Etiquette. And he does not
hesitate to strike a
small talk with her.
She responds with sheer
interest, for she has never
Had a fellow hep her in times
of misery and helplessness.
This is new and this puts
a smile on her face.
Chivalrous and graceful, this
Man. And just like that, the
road is crossed and the
woman thanks him with
All the help she sought.
They bid farewell and
the old woman tells herself-
“This is the uttermost insignia of humanity and compassion.”

The world is changing.

Is it? Take a moment and think about it. And the next time you have an opportunity to help someone, do it without a second thought.I hope you all have a great day.

I love you all!

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