That school girl…

I feel like a midget
When I go to school.
Next to my seniors
Who stand tall and aloof.
As my uncoordinated feet
Clad in black shoes and
A mammoth bag, twice
My size is laden on my
Shoulder. I giggle with
My fellow friend as we
Discuss the latest Barbie
We like now. And I
Also wonder if my friend
Is interested in playing
Doll house with me. Then,
There’s homework to
Worry about. What is
Two one’s are two? And
How do you know that
Ganga is a holy river? I
Am confused. Just like
This, I am in front of my
Class and I get distracted
When one of my friends
Comes running to me and
Says-“Sit next to me today.”
And the only reply I can
come up with is a
rejoiced yes! And then
My whole world shifts
And I am in my happy
Place. I am a big girl
Now. I am a rock star.

Ask me where the motivation for this poem comes and you’ll laugh your guys out. I just observed a little girl and her mannerisms in my school and I had to write it.

Tell me if it’s silly! I don’t mind honest criticism.

On a positive note, have a great day!
Spread Happiness!

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