Her mind is a perilous place.
Filled to the brim with puzzles
Misplaced. Her brain conjures
Images of the future. A future
That will take time to mould
Itself into the vessel she has
Made. A vessel of happiness
And success but her brain
Effaced the fact that to make
A future of prosperity and
Bliss, she needs to word
Harder until she reaches the
Stage. Her mind will some
Times dwell on the negative
Side and form grotesque
Images of a future destroyed
By her own indolence and
Recklessness. With immense
Celerity, her mind jumps to
Conclusions. Didn’t I warn
You before? Her mind boggles.

I write a poem on the working of brain and mind and my brain actually starts hurting hahaha. If you like it, then follow me on WordPress and if you don’t, well..either way, have a good day.

Spread P-O-S-I-T-I-V-I-T-Y.

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