My Soul and Conscience.

And someday, my soul
feels like it’s being teared
apart. From every side.
From the start. It’s like a
rubber band that has been
stretched over its Limit. My
conscience is affronted at
The world, of course. For
everywhere I look there is
greed, selfishness and
Thirst for God Knows What.
Every direction I look, there’s
mess and my eyes roll back at
the thought of how I am going
to ever get back to normal.
My supplication is heightening
and there’s nothing I can do.
Except an attempt. An attempt
to stay happy, no matter the circumstances. And then a
thought springs to life in my
Cryptic mind that my problems
Are not equivalent to those in
Yemen or Syria. My problems do
Not involve grotesque demises of
People or insurgent groups
taking over the world.
Next time, I feel this
disheveled, I’ll always try to
Look at the brighter side and
how gratified I should be for
a life that has been given to me.
For a heart that beats inside me.
For a brain that paints images of security and World peace.

That is one lengthy poem and I am not taking this one down. It’s a narrative of how I feel right now. But.But. But. No need to dwell over sadness, guys. This is the message I want to give through my poem. Whatever is pestering you at this very moment will go away, just enjoy life and make an attempt at stay happy and then perceive the alterations that take place after you try to smile and spread positivity.

And, remember, if you like it, message me. Tell me. Just do it.

Good night, random citizens. ❤️

14 thoughts on “My Soul and Conscience.

    1. Wow. Are you for real? Am I dreaming? Wait. Let me take a screenshot. Your words give me strength. Thank you for the compliment. Have an amazing weekend. Much love. ❤️

  1. Greetings!
    I am so terribly sorry, for some unknown reason although I am following your blog, the posts don’t show up on my feed, and when I open your blog it says ‘no posts found’. (I’m using the Android app for WordPress, which has so many bugs and issues). I really liked your blog and shall read more as and when time permits. I missed so much!
    Take care, best wishes and regards. 😀

    1. Hello.
      It’s okay. 🙂
      This is success to me. When honest people like you compliment me.
      You did? Aww. Please catch up and tell me what you think. I’ll check out your blog too. You made my day! Thank you. ❤️

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