Cook. Eat. Smile.

How besotted I am with the sound
Of sizzling and simmering of the
Concoction of ingredients in the
Pan. How fantastic it is to see the
Opalescent colour out there. Vibrant
Yellow of bell peppers. Fiery red of
The red chillies. The grassy green of
The peas and the carnelian colour
Of ham. The scaldingly hot pan and
The scent of spices mixed together is
Nothing but a beautiful sight to me.
I may not know how to cook but I
Am a great stirrer, if I may so. My
Hands move rhythmically, gripping
The handle of the stirrer diligently.
And in no time, snap! My eyes see
An aesthetic sight. A perfectly cooked
Meal with astringent and splendid
Smells coming off in waves and in
My heart, I take some credit for this
Perfectly cooked delicacy because
Let’s be real, I had a little part to
Play in this success. I chuckle to
Myself for this ridiculousness and
Devour the meal with satisfaction,
Ignorance and unparalleled bliss.

A lot of big words. Sorry for that. The inspiration for this poem comes from a movie named “Chef” and it’s a very entertaining flick with interesting and mouthwatering shots (I am talking about food, of course)

I am dying to write a short story on my blog now. This week has been a very oppressive one for me. But you. Yes, you. If you are reading this, SMILE. Because that’s a very easy thing to do.

And like my blog. Good night.

P.S There’s no dish including ingredients like green chilly, bell peppers and ham. Or is there?

Tell me about it.

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