The War Photographer.

Amidst the rubble when all
Hope has deteriorated, an
Efficient lens of a heavy
Camera comes to life.
Amidst the death and
Tears, when souls are
Leaving bodies of the
Soldiers or the enemies,
my camera is the hero in
Disguise. My camera and I
Kick stones and boulders
Out of the way and thank
God, if there is one, for he
Saved our life in an occult
Way. I don’t know how I get
The audacity or the strength
To impinge on the lives and
Deaths of those around me.
But one thing is for sure, I
Have paved my way. The
Prospect of going home to
Lucy and kids is relieving me.
However, the demise of
Innumerable people around
Me burns like a foul and
Hot flame that will never be
Extinguished. I take home,
With me, my anguish and
Despair for those who were
Around me. And the images
Will haunt me in my dreams
Until I cease to be. Blood
Colours my skin in heinous
Patterns and I don’t know
What to do about that,
Except lead an ignorant
Life until my time also comes.

Tuesday is the 100th anniversary of the birth of Hungarian war photographer and photojournalist Robert Capa. Hence, a tribute to not only Sir Robert but all those war photographers who risk their lives everyday to bring to us discreet images of the happenings of war. Salute!

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