An album of memories,
A cache of treasures.
As I manuever through my
Childhood album, it’s
Always a very delightful
Experience as I grin from
Ear to ear and chuckle at
My childish antics. I laugh
At how I always had the
Propensity to rejoice at
Receiving gifts on 
Any occasion . I chuckle at
my Most loved toy that I still
Have. Snow White’s dwarf. And
it dawns on me yet again, that
my child hood will never come
back. Everything else is transient.
The sea. The emotions. The
Sky. But not my childhood.
I continue seeing the album
Until my brain digests the fact
That the realm of flippancy
And carelessness is never
Coming back. I close the
Album with a thud and
Move on because childhood
Was a dream that I never
wanted to let go of and I could
go back to sleep so that I could
relive it again. Childhood is like
that kingdom that has prospered, proliferated, ruined, conquered
and ultimately forgotten.

For your kind information, my birthday was on13th August of this week and I’ll soon be publishing a letter to my mother on that occasion. In the meantime, please enjoy the words I have woven through a cloudy and sleepy mind. And tell me what you think because you also should know that your love, encouragement, likes and comments keep me going and I don’t lose the track I am on.

Have a GREAT day.
I love whoever reads this.
Yes, I swear. And then if this is Ryan Gosling who is reading this, well…*drools*

P.S this is me. You know, the girl taking the selfie. Yeah, that’s me. On my birthday. All dressed up. Come say Hi sometime! 🙂

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