Her Dreams. 

The clutter of books on her desk

Matches her state of mind. Sheaves 

Of paper fall to the ground, giving 

Her no time to unwind. If her brain 

Were a repository of thoughts and 

Tasks, it would be conjusted by now

Because she has so much to do. She 

Doesn’t know when to do it and how. 

Then, there are her dreams. Dreams 

Of college. Dreams of a stable future.

Her dreams rejuvenate her and she 

Starts working with an uncontrollable 

Drive. Her dreams, that she sees, with 

Eyes wide open are what motivate her. 

A promising job and a hefty salary are 

Not her centre of focus but anoyher aim. An 

Aim of seeing her parents, living in 

Affluency. Because of her. She has 

Aims. She has dreams. She has a 

Goal and a stature to uphold. She 

Is your average student with her 

Ambitions and dreams hidden inside 

Like a secretive yet determined creature. 

This poem is basically ME, duh. 

If you guessed it already, then you’re smart. Also, on another note, since in my last blog post, I disclosed my name (Avantika), I want all my friends to connect with me on more social networking sites because I want to talk to you ALL. And remember our deal, right? Talks over coffee or saying “hi” if you spot me. Hmm. 

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My username is AvantikaSinghal216. 

*confirms 30 times before writing* 

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