Plaintive and Inferior? No. Strong and Smarter. 

Imagine living in a world where you

Are scared of not only your shadow but

That of others. A world where nothing 

Seems alright and you are bothered by 

The success of your peers. Prefigure that

You have boxes of talent that you want 

To bring to the Annual Fair. But, you 

Are too scared to share. Imagine that 

You are scared not of death but of

Other people’s accomplishments being 

More than your own. This feeling. It’s 

Grotesque. You reap the crop you had 

Sown. You are afraid of your comrades 

Being more superior and here you are,

Thinking of negativity and feeling all 

Kinds of inferior. Stop! Stop this train 

Of thought. You are YOU. You are 

Special in your own way. Someone 

Else’s success should not say anything 

About you as a person. So, let that 

Headache go. Venture out and you 

Will know that the world is filled 

With Better and Best but know that 

You are special, beautiful and different 

From the rest. Don’t cry your eyes out. 

Because tears are for cowards and you 

Are a warrior. A warrior, polishing their 

Armour and planning to have success 

And happiness as you walk out in the

Battle field. 

Hello. This is a burden and a moribund feeling. I know that someone out there must be feeling inferior because their friends or colleagues are prospering in some way and they are not. This is a very mundane feeling but it’s consequences and train of thought is not. Please know that you are not alone and stop feeling weak or enervated in any way. You are special in your own way. Someone else’s success is not your own. Be positive. Throw negativity out of the window. If this poem helped you, let me know. Because that will encourage me to write on some of the chaotic emotions we feel throughout our lives more. 


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