See The Sea.

Let that treacherous heart beat faster than a humming bird’s wing and
Take a leap of faith to see
What it would feel like to
Take a dip into the sea.
Let go of your inhibitions.
Get out your striped swimming trunks from the Rusty cupboard and jump.
Jump into the pool of glee and
mystery. Feel the ocean around you,
let the water engulf you like a
Blanket and don’t come Out to the surface until you can’t breathe.
Does it feel like you are drowning
For a second there? Do you lungs feel suffocated and threadbare? That’s a
Moment of doubt and uncertainty.
Life or death in the blink of an eye. Come to the surface now, you
Have been adventurous enough.
Come back tomorrow to sit on the shore. You are drenched now and an alienated
Freshness resides within you. You have
Lived thousand lifetimes, you feel. In reality, it’s just been three seconds and now, that moribund feeling has vanished and you are left feeling alive,
Rejuvenated and happy.

I hope you have an amazing weekend.
I have reached 200 followers and i can’t stop telling  everyone anout my little accomplishment. This blog has given more strengrh than any of my pugnacious  friends. they’ve been the worst haha. i hope you enjoyed this poem.

good night.

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