I can prefigure with

Conviction that when

You wake up to the

Empty right side of the

Bed tomorrow, you’ll

Miss me. You won’t let

It show. You knew I would

Go. You will button your

White shirt with indifference

And move to the pantry to

Snack on a granola bar.

You’ll then proceed to

Pretend to read the newspaper

When in reality, confusion

And panic is starting to set

In. You’ll wonder where I am.

You’ll rise from your chair,

With your heart in your

Throat, you’ll move to

Fetch your cell phone, go

To contacts but oh. Your

Ego, the size of a grand

Mountain will not let you

Do so. You won’t call. You’ll

Go back to reading your

Newspaper, as if nothing

Happened, as if your lover

Never existed. You’ll go on.

And I prefigure nothing more.

And I am not even waiting for

Your call, your ego and narcissism

Is an obstacle we both know of.

There was no refutation here,

I was right, you wouldn’t call.

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“She never wrote again.”

Stupud tears, Reena thought cynically. 

She wiped one on her sleeve as she scrolled through her E-mails bitterly. A Literary magazine had rejected her poems. Again. 

How long would this go on? 

Internet said that failure is for cowards. 

She wasn’t a coward. That, she knew. However, she was so knackered of her failures that she didn’t want to try anymore.  

Reena was metaphorically walking on a rocky path with the horizon further away. From her vantage point, she could see it. However, reaching it seemed like an impossibility. 

She closed her laptop with a fierce thud and massaged her temples, willing a headache away. Making it into the big world of literature was a vexing and oppressive task. 

How would she go on like this? Questions that had no answers, apparently. 

For once, she had felt that she would become an independent woman who could earn because of her writing career. That clearly was not happening right now. 

—One Week Later–

Reena’s spirits were high, the sky the limit, probably. She opened her laptop with optimism and alacrity foreign  even to her. 

After carefully logging into her E-Mail, her heart started beating faster as her eyes zeroed into the newest email that had made its way into her otherwise boring cachè of emails. 

This piece is not for us. Sorry, Reena.” 

Another defeat. Another disappointment. 

With a loud cry, she screamed in frustration and the laptop was closed with a powerful thud. Again. 

Reena never wrote again. She’s a teacher now, making viable use of her English Literature degree. 


The world is fickle and our hearts even more fickle. The world is made up of cryptic signs and predictions that somehow help us shape our lives in a better way. Sometimes, we are looking in the wrong shelf of the closet. I know this is a morose story but my first short story.

Tell me how it is. 

Have a good day! 


The Glassy Battlefield. 

Her battlefield is anomalous in nature. 

It’s neither a barren ground. 

Nor a waster. It’s filled with people 

Of all sorts. Greedy ones. Iniquitous 

Ones and of course, nasty ones. 

It’s the ground laden with glass 

Where she has to walk around with

Uttermost grace and class. So much 

caution and wariness that if 

She cut herself on the glass, the 

World will be ruthless and in the

Abyss of despondency, she’ll 

Be helpless, with no one turn to

And with no one to share secrets. 

She’s alone and she knows that. 

This glassy battlefield of frozen 

Glass, transparent and delicate, 

Will teach her to be a powerful 

Warrior in disguise amassed. 

This battlefield will be a life-long 

Lesson. To be tactful, strategic 

And to be smart. 

Every mistake will be a lesson in its wake, guys. Cherish the memories and move along. All problems will come and go. 

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I hope you have an amazing Monday. Yes, I know, you’re still sleepy behind the computer screen but WAKE UP OKAY. 

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Schools are Good. Or bad? 

If you are reading this, you have probably either been to school or are in school. I come in the latter category, unfortunately. Everyone hates school but everyone also knows that it makes you a better person. I agree, but at what cost? I think it is a very exorbitant cost.

School is supposed to be an institution that readies you to be an all-rounded, kind, compassionate and pragmatic person. The school I go to jubilantly ignores and forgets to develop those traits. Oops. #Roasted?

You might be thinking-“Oh, this is one of those rants where she will bitch about school.” Yes, it’s that rant and a lot more. Your school may be different from mine and I want to stay as deferential as I can but I am extremely knackered from the bullshit that the students have to go through in order to get a degree. Get a fake one!

Wait no, don’t do that!

The reason why I write this is that sometimes school is so demanding, ah, I know it makes you more punctual and venerable towards time but come one! For example, we had to write a lab report and my dear teacher rejected some reports just because they were not written on the paper she had requested us to write on.

That’s right. The plain paper doesn’t do it these days. It has to be the expensive one because plain papers are exactly what they sound like. PLAIN.

Who wouldn’t be angry about this kind of demand?

Another point I vehemently despise about MY school (yes, I don’t want to offend my readers) is that it ALWAYS shuffles our class. What for? We’ve found the people we want to hang out with and now we don’t want to start over. Being social does not entail changing the monkey’s cage anytime you feel like it.

We get adjusted to the teaching style of a teacher! And bam!! Shifted. To another class. To another school. To another country. I don’t know. Why can’t we be more stable? Why? Why does there have to be so much change? So much so that many people can’t handle it? They can’t handle and hence, are stressed. Stressed because they have no friends in the class they have been shifted to. You will counter by saying-“Make new friends, duh.” Well, done that, Sherlock!

It’s very difficult. However, it teaches us a lot of lessons a life without school would not manage to. School is like a bittersweet memory that you want to replay in your mind like a short movie but after some time, you just don’t want to.

You have to agree that the teacher who demands the specific kind of paper is DUMB. I feel devoid of adjectives tonight. Apologies.

I hate my school and I am excruciatingly eager to go to college!

But everyone has their bad days and I have mine. But that does not mean that I am urging you to hate school as well! School is profoundly beneficial and imperative. It gives us some unforgettable and valuable lessons. Some shortcomings should not force us to despise it. Yes, there is a mammoth difference between ‘hate’ and ‘despise’. Look it up, lazy!

What are the shortcomings of your school? Tell me. Feels nice to vent out anger and frustrations. Share your thoughts!


Home-A place like no other. 

Monolithic building and extravagant 

Hardwood floor. Or, an abode in

Shambles and ratty clothes hung on

A metal hook. My insouciance 
Skyrockets because I’d be happy 

In either of the settings. Home is 

Not just a place anymore. It’s a 

Feeling. A feeling of extreme warmth 

And feeling secure. Lolling on your

Own bed and feeling the soft, 

supple bed sheet beneath your hand, 

it’s s feeling like no other. 

Bereaved from home for a day and

You’ll know; no sumptuous hotel 

Room; high ceilings and air vents 

Can match up to your own. Home 

Is equivalent to a book of any kind. 

Comforting in nature and tranquil 

And much more. You can return 

back to your home, either happy or 

Sad and it will engulf you in your 

Arms like a whale washing up on 

The shore-indifferent and natural.