Home-A place like no other. 

Monolithic building and extravagant 

Hardwood floor. Or, an abode in

Shambles and ratty clothes hung on

A metal hook. My insouciance 
Skyrockets because I’d be happy 

In either of the settings. Home is 

Not just a place anymore. It’s a 

Feeling. A feeling of extreme warmth 

And feeling secure. Lolling on your

Own bed and feeling the soft, 

supple bed sheet beneath your hand, 

it’s s feeling like no other. 

Bereaved from home for a day and

You’ll know; no sumptuous hotel 

Room; high ceilings and air vents 

Can match up to your own. Home 

Is equivalent to a book of any kind. 

Comforting in nature and tranquil 

And much more. You can return 

back to your home, either happy or 

Sad and it will engulf you in your 

Arms like a whale washing up on 

The shore-indifferent and natural. 

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