The Glassy Battlefield. 

Her battlefield is anomalous in nature. 

It’s neither a barren ground. 

Nor a waster. It’s filled with people 

Of all sorts. Greedy ones. Iniquitous 

Ones and of course, nasty ones. 

It’s the ground laden with glass 

Where she has to walk around with

Uttermost grace and class. So much 

caution and wariness that if 

She cut herself on the glass, the 

World will be ruthless and in the

Abyss of despondency, she’ll 

Be helpless, with no one turn to

And with no one to share secrets. 

She’s alone and she knows that. 

This glassy battlefield of frozen 

Glass, transparent and delicate, 

Will teach her to be a powerful 

Warrior in disguise amassed. 

This battlefield will be a life-long 

Lesson. To be tactful, strategic 

And to be smart. 

Every mistake will be a lesson in its wake, guys. Cherish the memories and move along. All problems will come and go. 

On another note, can anyone tell me how to avoid line breaking on WordPress? Thank you. 

I hope you have an amazing Monday. Yes, I know, you’re still sleepy behind the computer screen but WAKE UP OKAY. 

Have a very nice day. 


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